Mandrill credits are sold in blocks of 25,000 emails. At the end of each billing cycle, unused credit blocks expire. Your pricing depends on how many blocks you purchase at the beginning of a month. And since we build discounts into our payment structure, your per-email pricing decreases as you send more email.

These pricing changes will take effect when you connect your Mandrill account with a paid, monthly Mailchimp account.

Our Knowledge Base includes answers to frequently asked questions about Mandrill and Mailchimp.

Example volumes:

Calculate your monthly costs

Enter your estimated
sends per month

  • Each block is a credit for 25,000 emails

  • $20/block

    1-500k emails 1-20 blocks

  • $18/block

    500k-1m emails 21-40 blocks

  • $16/block

    1m-2m emails 41-80 blocks

  • $14/block

    2m-3m emails 81-120 blocks

  • $12/block

    3m-4m emails 121-160 blocks

  • $10/block

    4m+ emails 161+ blocks

  • Add a dedicated IP for $29.95 / month.